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Social Media Management, Digital Marketing and Website Development

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GoDaddy Pro

Website Design and Development

Standard Features PLUS:

  • Professional Business Class Template
  • Website linked to Webmaster (Google and Bing)
  • On Page SEO for all website pages
  • Double Layer Firewall for protection against hackers
  • Mobile responsive
  • Website back linked to your Social Media Accounts
  • Built in contact form with spam protection
  • Rank and traffic monitoring
  • Semi-custom design
  • Server signed SSL Certificate
  • Link to Google Map
  • Link To Google My Business
  • Expandable features
  • Helix Framework

Social Media Management Made Easy

This is NOT one of those do-it-yourself programs that you see online. This is a full management service that does it all for you. This way you can work on  your business and not worry about the tasks of social media.

Business Listing Service Made Easy.

One of the biggest advantages that business directories provide is that it contributes to your SEO efforts and it increases your quality traffic. Your SERP ranking will also be greatly improved. Remember that every business nowadays is looking for ways to maximize their online presence.

Why Certified Business Solutions

Do you want to make your website stand out from the competition? Then let us help you. We understand the need of having a unique design that you can be proud of for your business. We at Certified Business Solutions provide professional website development for small businesses, start-ups, medium businesses, and individuals who want to develop and maintain their online presence.

Our goal is to provide you with a website design that will make visitors intrigued with what you have to offer to them. Not only will they stay on the website, but they will also visit the other pages to get to know you and your organization better.



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