How come I just can't write my own website content, is it really that important to hire a content writer?

Writing content for a website is tough. You need to know your audience, research topics, and still deliver a quality piece of writing. Many business owners don’t have time to do all that. Hiring a content writer can and will pay for itself eventually.

What is a Content Writer?

A content writer is a professional writer that creates content for businesses. They typically have many years of experience writing for clients. They know industries and markets and have done the research. Exceptionally good content writers charge around $0.06 per word. This may seem like a lot, but if they are creating ever green content it’s worth it.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that is unchanging and can stand the test of time. This type of content applies well to biology and other unchanging subjects. An article about an oak tree’s leaves is a good example. Oak tree’s leaves are not going to suddenly change. They gradually evolve over time. Evergreen content reflects this. It is content you can create once and it will stay relevant for many years.

Elements of Writing Content

Good content requires a good writer. A writer needs a strong vocabulary, knowledge of grammar rules, and knowledge of the topic. These things also need to be bundled with good formatting and different styles. Content like a research paper is going to use a different tone than an article talking about a video game. Some different writing styles are: conversational, informative, and professional. Each of these styles are distinct from each other.

Importance of Content

Content is extremely important to businesses. A Google Search ranking can make or break a business. The number one position on any given Google Search typically gets 33% of the traffic for that keyword. For some keywords it can be even higher. By having great, optimized content a business can increase it’s rankings.

This can be tough to have if you’re a small business owner that makes their own products. For example, Sally runs an ecommerce store selling candles. She wants to improve her SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Sally can improve her Google Rankings by writing SEO content. In order for her to do this successfully, she needs a strong working knowledge of the latest SEO techniques. She probably doesn’t have time for all of this.

Should You Hire a Writer

Below we will take a look at the Pros and Cons of hiring a content writing for your website. Each side has strong arguments but ultimately one side wins out.

Make Content Yourself

Writing content by and for yourself can be rewarding. There is a great feeling when you finish a piece of writing and post it on the website, hoping for it to get traffic. But, it can be extremely time consuming. It takes a lot of effort to write content, especially content that is optimized for the web.


  • Save Money – Hiring a professional content writer is not as expensive as many think, especially after the long-term benefits. But it is still an expense. A business with little cash available may not want to hire a content writer.

  • Learn How to Write Better – The only way to improve your writing is to write. Although there are some nuances to that, the best way to improve is by doing.

  • Potentially Rewarding – Writing content is rewarding. It feels good to create something that other people consume. If you write an article and it goes viral, you are going to feel extremely proud of yourself.


  • Stress Inducing – Many people do not write because they don’t want their writing judged by others. This is a valid concern. Writing can be stress inducing. How will you know when it is good and complete? When should you publish?

  • Time Consuming – Writing takes a lot of time, especially for a beginner. If you are a business owner, is it really worth your time to write articles? There may be better usage of time elsewhere in your business.

Hire a Content Writer

Hiring a content writer can provide you with high-quality, SEO optimized articles for your website. It saves you time and you know you’re getting quality content.


  • Quality Content – This is by far the biggest benefit of hiring a content writer. Like this article has said, content is everything on the web. Quality content can be the difference between ranking 1st on Google and being on the 3rd page. Who looks at the third page of Google? A content writer knows the ins and outs of the industry and can work with you to create content exactly how you want it.

  • Can Learn from Them – A good content writer will let you learn from them. In an on-going writing relationship, they will tell you why they did what they did in each section. This could in-turn make you a better writer and reader. By learning techniques from someone experienced, you can get an advantage.

  • Saves Time – Although hiring a content writer is an expense, it is well worth it from a time perspective. If Sally can produce 100 candles in an hour, or write 1 blog post, what should Sally do? Chances are Sally is much better at producing candles than writing blog posts. Hiring a content writer gives you time to focus on what you do best.


  • Costs Money – The only real con with hiring a writer is that it costs money. But writers are not all that expensive anyways. The content they create can last months and years and pay back dividends to your business.


Hiring a writer saves you time and allows you to get ahead of the competition. If you want content for your website that is optimized and SEO friendly, consider hiring a content writer.